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NatraChoice Are you 7+ 50 test strips

NatraChoice Are you 7+ 50 test strips

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Our body needs to be Alkaline (pH 7+) for optimal health and one way to accurately test yourself is with high quality, pH test strips.
Inflammation in the body is impacted by low pH. Acidity and inflammation may present in the body as weight gain &/or difficulty to reduce weight/fat deposits, inefficient kidney function, poor metabolism, high blood pressure, sore joints/arthritis/gout, acid reflux, indigestion, poor skin condition and much more. What makes one person Acidic & another person Alkaline? Different foods, drink, health conditions & lifestyles affect each persons pH level significantly. Our body needs to be Alkaline (pH 7+) for optimal health and one way to accurately test yourself is with high quality, pH test strips.
NatraChoice provide a premium grade & accurate, European made (not cheap imports, ‘knockoffs’), dual pad test strip, that provide fast & genuine quality results. Unlike Litmus paper strips and rolls, the dual reagent test pads on the end of the 7cm long strip, provides simplicity, ‘lightning fast’ results, hygienic handling & accuracy.
Instant & highly accurate results
0.25 easy read increments - saliva, urine & water
50 high quality tests per kit
Used & recommended by Naturopaths
Easy to use
Eco-friendly recyclable strips
Saliva test spoon included
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Size: 50 Stix

How to use

TEST URINE pH  –  Instructions:
Place the strip into the urine flow mid stream/approx. after 5 – 10  seconds of release, not immediately.
1) Immerse the 2 coloured pads into the urine stream for 1 to 2 seconds. Gently shake of excess fluid on the strip & then compare against the colour chart.
2) If you feel more comfortable using a clean cup, fill to about 1cm, then dip the strip in the liquid – fully immerse both coloured test pads – for 1 – 2 seconds.  
Compare the colour of the two pads, against the colour chart in the pH strip container (do this within 30 seconds of wetting the pads).
TEST SALIVA pH  –  Instructions:
Do NOT place test strip in your mouth.
Gently produce enough saliva to slightly fill your mouth first, then dribble fresh saliva onto a clean spoon & dip both pads equally into it, or dribble directly onto the dual colour pads on the very end of the test strip… either way, ensure both coloured pads are covered fully with the sample liquid. The colour will change instantly. 
Gently shake of excess liquid on the strip. Now simply compare the colour of the strip to the chart on the front of the plastic container.