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Nutra Organics Marine Collagen Beauty + Vitamin C Unflavoured 225g

Nutra Organics Marine Collagen Beauty + Vitamin C Unflavoured 225g

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With premium upcycled Naticol® Marine Collagen which is certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea®.
Marine Collagen Beauty is a natural formulation to support structural integrity of skin and decrease skin aging factors, supporting skin quality of the entire body and smoothing skin wrinkles from within^.
With only natural wholefood ingredients, including premium upcycled Naticol® Marine Collagen (certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea®) and 100% RDI of Vitamin C.
Unflavoured and can be added to anything from coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, baking and more.
Our skin is made up of over 75% collagen, which starts to degenerate in our mid 20s when we begin to show the signs of ageing skin.
Marine Collagen Beauty contains premium upcycled Naticol® Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, Zinc, Silica and Fucoidan - all from pure wholefoods - to regenerate skin collagen and support healthy hair, nails and gut.
Naticol® has been shown in multiple peer reviewed studies to:
  • Reduce skin wrinkles and smooth fine lines^
  • Increase skin hydration and improve moisture levels^
  • Increase skin elasticity^
  • Strengthen, grow & support overall health of hair & nails^
^when consumed in conjunction with a healthy, varied diet
*Products and labels constantly change. We always try to keep the most up to date information here on our website but please always be sure to read the physical product label when it arrives before use*
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Dietary requirements: Gluten Free

How to use

Mix 6 grams (2 heaped teaspoons) daily into any liquid of choice, from smoothies to soups. 
Marine Collagen Beauty is unflavoured, odourless and dissolves in hot and cold liquid.


Naticol® Marine Bioactive Collagen Peptides (Fish), Wildcrafted Sea Buckthorn Juice*, Mekabu Spore (Wakame)*, Bamboo Stem Extract, Guava Leaf Extract *Certified Organic Ingredients
Contains Fish. Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing milk, egg, soy, sesame, lupin, crustacean, mollusc and tree nuts.
The fish come from: Asia, North and South America, Europe and Africa. They include the following species: Pangasius hypophthalmus, Tilapia, Catfish, Cod, Haddock, Nile Perch, Cobia and Redfish Naticol Marine Collagen Peptides.
There is a combination of farmed and wild caught fish as the collagen is upcycled from what would otherwise be waste products. Our manufacturer is located in France and only partners with fisheries that are ethical and sustainable. This has been verified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.