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Jun Tea

JUN Tea Cherry & Hibiscus 330ml

JUN Tea Cherry & Hibiscus 330ml

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A locally produced fermented beverage that your gut will love you for!

Full of probiotics for a happy gut, this Jun Tea is a fermented beverage you'll love. with a hint of Cherry and Hibiscus to taste, best enjoyed with friends...or alone!
Wait is it Kombucha you say? Nope! Jun Tea is like Kombucha's close cousin. It is fermented using a SCOBY, however Jun Tea is crafted from Green Tea and Honey, rather than Black Tea and Sugar like traditional kombucha.
Not only are the Booch Bros a couple of local Adelaide gents, they source their honey from their family business which is also in Adelaide.
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Dietary requirements: Gluten Free, Dairy Free
Values/Certifications: Australian Made

How to use

Open and enjoy straight from the fridge


Jun tea probiotic drink (fermented from pure water, honey, green tea and raw jun culture), natural cherry juice & hibiscus flower
* This product may contain less than .05% of alcohol due to the fermentation.