Benefits of Macro Gut

Benefits of Macro Gut

With so many products out there to help your gut, along with so much information, it can be overwhelming to really know what you should be putting in your body. Everything we put in our bodies is used as fuel, and our bodies absorb all the nutrients those foods have to offer. Sometimes our bodies struggle to break down certain foods, which can leave us with gut issues.

At In 2 Health, we are very excited to stock The Gut Doctor.

This product focuses on the gastrointestinal system which plays an important role in your overall gut health.

The Gut Dr is created with a combination of vitamins. Included in The Gut Doctor is:

  1. Vitamin C which helps reduce inflammation in the gut.
  2. Vitamin D which helps absorb essential nutrients.
  3. Echinacea which helps boost the immune system.
  4. Probiotics, ginseng & prebiotics are also very important to this formula.  Increasing your energy, hormone balance, immune system and waste elimination, helping maintain an overall healthy gut.

Other ingredients include B6 to help break food down into energy and B12 to improve energy.

If your gut is stressed, its important to look after your body.

Add The Gut Doctor, to your shopping basket and welcome it into your everyday routine. You wont regret it!

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