In 2 Health empowers you to live a natural, healthy lifestyle by providing the most premium products and services through outstanding customer service.

In 2 Health was founded by Kerrie Cleggett in her hometown of Bordertown during 2008.
In 2 Health’s purpose of inception was to provide natural health alternatives to the mainstream medical system to support others to live a more natural lifestyle.
In 2 Health provide outstanding services and premium products that your family can trust and rely on. We believe that education is key to living a healthy lifestyle and prevention is most certainly better than cure.
Our Health Shop is thriving in a small town while health shops in city’s are closing. We know this is due to the community we have build and the trust we have gained. In 2 Health also offers a gym, online Health store as well as Health coaching and consulting.
We believe the best investment you can make in your life is on your health and the health of your family. Without your health, life cannot be enjoyed to the fullest as it can and most certainly should be.
At In 2 Health we believe in sourcing sustainable products and supporting Australian bands. It’s important that everyone, including businesses do their bit towards making this planet a better place and to support our local Aussie businesses. We are proud to be supporting Aussie!
In 2 Health is located in the small country town of Bordertown South Australia. We are 20 minutes from the Victorian border on the Adelaide - Melbourne highway. 


We have been a part of the community as a business for over 16 years and we are proud to give back.

  • We sponsor small & large sporting clubs & social clubs
  • Kerrie has enjoyed speaking to numerous local groups about natural health including Probus, Rotary, the local high school and even the local primary school on health and sustainability.
  • We have hosted two movie nights to educate the community through documentaries followed by a healthy supper
  • Natural make up nights to show the community how functional natural make up really is.
  • Kerrie has spoken to the local Men’s Farmer group about natural food and snack alternatives
  • We have partenered with other local businesses on the 'Shop Local Save Local' campaign founded by Kerrie and continue to support the local community anyway we can.

It is important to us that we support the groups that support us

Without everyone supporting one another this would not be the caring loving community that it is.

Founder & CEO

Kerrie Cleggett

Hi! My name is Kerrie Cleggett - Founder & Managing Director of In 2 Health

After being let down by the mainstream medical industry, I started my natural health business to help others find their way back to health. In the 16 years since, my business has evolved into a thriving enterprise in Bordertown SA, that has helped thousands of people flourish across Australia.

I was nominated for the 2023 “40 Under 40” Awards, and graduated from the South Australian Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (SAYES) development program in 2020. I've studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2015) and also graduated from the Limestone Coast Leadership Program (2021). I am currently studying with the Nutrition Academy, and enjoy my role as a director at the Keith Community Bank.

I love my business and my staff as well as the communtiy in which I live. My hobbies include DIY projects, nature walks, spending time with friends and family and enjoying good food! I know I have made positive impact on so many lives and I look forward to continuing to grow my business long into the future.

Retail Assistant

Jo Kennett

Hi! My name is Jo Kennett - Retail Assistant

I live on a property just out of Bordertown with my husband Matt and our 2 beautiful children.

Growing up I was always very active with sports and P.E at school which I continued after graduating. I always enjoyed the feeling of being active and healthy but never really thought too deeply about the nutrition side of things. It probably wasn't until Kerrie started studying and opened the health shop that it made me start to take a bit more notice.

We had a few health issues with the kids that after talking with Kerrie I realised there are other solutions that just taking antibiotics. So as the years went by my interest in the health industry certainly increased and now, I love the way in which I incorporate simple measures that have made huge impacts in our lives for the better.

I love working in the health shop, meeting new people, and building up strong relationships with our regular customers or friends as we call them. I love learning about all the new products we are continually stocking and I absolutely love it when a customer returns and tells us how the issue has been resolved.

We love our little In 2 Health bubble and would love for you to join us!

Retail Assistant

Rachel Cowill

Hi! My name is Rachel Colwill - Retail Assistant

I live in Bordertown with my husband Vaughn and daughters Ella and Myah, our son Braiden goes to school in Adelaide.

I have been working at In 2 Health since the beginning which is now 8 years ago. This job is the perfect fit for me as I live a very healthy lifestyle and have been passionate about health for a long time.

My family have had some health issues over the years which has lead us down the natural health care path further and now these practises are a part of our everyday life.

I enjoy being active and love playing netball and basketball. My family is very involved with the local go-kart club and we love travelling as a family to race. We love taking the boat to the river and spending time with friends and family on the water.

I enjoy my role at In 2 Heath and sharing my knowledge with the customers.

Retail Assistant

Julie Cleggett

Hi! My name is Julie Cleggett - Retail Assistant

I live in Bordertown with my husband, Friend. I am involved in many community clubs and committees which keeps me busy between meetings, events, and fundraisers but I love it. I enjoy catching up with friends, going for walks and getting in the garden.

I am very aware of health and stress and how it affects our lives. I have beaten breast cancer which has led me to wanting to feel the best I can all the time. I am very passionate about taking my daily supplements getting daily sun exposure, minimising stresses, and spending time with loved ones.

I work in the shop once a week and enjoy filling she shelves and keeping the stock looking tidy.

I love spending time with my girls and having a coffee with them which is always very disjointed while we are working but enjoyed all the same.

I love seeing all the new products arrive and talking with all our beautiful regular customers.

Jack of all Trades

Friend Cleggett

Hi! My name is Friend Cleggett - Jack of all trades.

I live in Bordertown with my wife Julie.  As a painter by trade, it was no surprise that I would get the painting job when the business moved to have a shop front. It was a huge job, but I was very happy to do it.

As I am now fully retired, I can help out when needed. My jobs include the daily run to the post office to send parcels. I bag up all the bulk foods and unpack stock when large orders arrive. There is always little touch up jobs in the gym that require patching and painting as well as general maintenance jobs around the business.

I am very proud of Kerrie and what she has achieved.