Natural Health Fundamentals Part #2

Natural Health Fundamentals Part #2

Continuing on from the first Natural Health fundamental blog, this week I want to tell you about fundamental #2, taking care of your immune system, NATURALLY

I believe natural health is fundamental in preventing disease and illness.

I wonder… how many times over the last two years have you seen your GP for any of the following  –

  1. Cold / flu or infection?
  2. To talk about antidepressants? (did you know antidepressants are one of the MOST prescribed medications)
  3. To get the pill prescription to help with painful periods, endometrioses or PCOS?
  4.  Pain meds for back or joint pain
  5.  High blood pressure or high cholesterol medication
  6.  Headaches and migraines
  7.  Type 2 diabetes

That is just a very short list and already I could write a book on natural prevention and treatment to help all of those conditions.

Today I am just going to focus on #1 – colds, flus and infections.

So, the question is – How can you stop seeing your doctor for colds / flus and infections?  The answer is to look after your immune system, which is your bodys own way of fighting infections. Most of the time when you get sick, its generally when you have been really busy or stressed. As a result your immune system is depleted and unless your doing extra to replenish it – you do fall victim to colds and infections.

One of the most important things you can do to stay well and to ‘feed’ your immune system it to take a daily probiotic. Probiotics replenish good gut bacteria in your gut to help your gut preform at its best and nip any infections in the butt as soon as they appear. Making sure you have a well rounded highly populated microbiome is #1 in my opinion when it comes to taking care of yourself and your immune system. I put my Nan and Pa on a probiotic over two years ago and they are dumfounded by the difference and would never go without them now. Three years later and they have barely had a cough between them.

Vitamin C is also absolutely paramount when it comes to staying well. If you know you are burning the candle at both ends – add some Vitamin c into your daily routine or smoothie and your body will thankyou for giving it the pick me up it needs to continue keeping you well!

When it comes to infections, colloidal silver is always my first choice. Silver is a power house when it comes to the amount of things it can fix. For example –

  • Spray it on eczema and dermatitis
  • Spray it into your mouth for any ulcers / tonsillitis or if you bite the side of your cheek plus general oral health
  • Take it orally for general health and wellbeing and to fight of colds
  • Spray it onto your feet if you have any fungal infections
  • Spray it onto cuts and wounds for fast healing
  • If you suffer from sinusitis you can use a colloidal silver nose spray up your nose to treat the infection.
  • Spray into the ear for ear infections
  • Take for urinary tract infections
  • It can kill bacteria growth that is antibiotic resistant AND its it toxic to cancer cells
  • Spray it on burns and even acne

Honestly the list goes on and on so I'll stop there before I take up your whole Sunday!

Imagine if you could nip colds, flus and infections in the butt before they even turn into cold, flus and infections meaning no doctor trip for you!

Did you know that antibiotics are so overused now that we are becoming resistant to it? Unfortunately some doctors just prescribe a certain type of antibiotic without knowing what type of infection they are trying to fight so you end up being double dosed.

Have you been on antibiotics that don’t help and then the Dr has prescribed you a different one and said ‘we will see how they go’? This worries me and it should worry you.

I would love to hear if you start implementing some immune building into your daily routine. Please keep in mind to always do your own research and let me know if you need any help!

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