The Magic of a Simple Almond

The Magic of a Simple Almond

Who would have thought that the simple almond could make such a huge difference to the lives of my family and myself?

Almonds have become a staple in our diet, and helped our family become healthier and overcome food allergies.

When my son was born he began to develop eczema, as he got older he also grew into numerous food intolerances and some allergies.

I had suffered from eczema my whole life and later found out my Husband also suffered from intolerances and allergies.

Food intolerances in our family consist of wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar. To start with I was completely freaked out and thought, there is nothing left to eat!!! After a lot of research and help from a naturopath, I began to slowly replace items in our house to suit all our intolerances.

One of the key ingredients I introduced to my kitchen was ALMONDS. I buy them in bulk and grind them into meal by using my food processor / thermomix. I use almond meal instead of flour, to make cakes, biscuits, raw slices and desserts. I also use almond meal in meatballs or in sauces to thicken them. I even make pastry out of it for pies and scrolls for the kids. I use whole almonds to make granola and almond milk for breakfast. Almonds are a great source of vitamins, including vitamin E and vitamin B. They are also a great source of minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and calcium.

If you are currently where I was a few years ago – pulling my hair out struggling to know what to feed my family, look no further than the simple almond!

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