Do you have tired, sore, aching muscles?

Do you have tired, sore, aching muscles?

Do you have tired, sore, aching muscles?

To many sleepless nights from an aching back?

Or do you suffer from cramps in your feet or legs?

We recommend magnesium oil for muscular pain relief.

Amazing Oils magnesium spray is a natural relief spray which can help manage your tired, sore and aching body.

Magnesium oil isn’t actually an oil but chloride flakes which becomes an oil texture when mixed in water.  Making it feel oily when put onto your body.

The reason why your body needs magnesium oil is because our bones and cells are full of it.

With 99% of magnesium mainly found in your bones and cells, only 1% found in your blood. So when you are lower in magnesium you can often suffer with cramps and soreness.

Research shows that magnesium can assist with stress, anxiety, cramps, soreness in your muscles and joints plus relieve PMS symptoms.

It supports your bone health along with promoting energy and restoring your levels of magnesium.

Magnesium can help with energy, yet also relax your body when sprayed on lower body parts such as your feet.

Magnesium is found in things like almonds, spinach, fish, meat and avocados, but it can be hard to get enough magnesium into your body.

This is where Amazing Oils magnesium spray helps to give you the magnesium that your body needs by spraying it on the area of discomfort.

Magnesium spray can work a lot quicker as its able to get to a specific area of pain or discomfort.

We are fully stocked with a variety of the Amazing Oils magnesium products, ready to help relax your tired and stressed muscles.

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