A Natural Health Journey

What is not having control over your health right now costing you?

Investing in your health is invaluable. Learn about your body, how it works and how to understand it better. 18 Years ago, I started my Natural Health Journey, and found the transition quite challenging. There was so much conflicting information, and I didn’t know anyone I could turn to for help and advice.

After working through that transition mostly on my own my passion is now helping others transition into a more natural lifestyle with ease and the confidence you are making the right choices.

I will be right there with you along your journey. I know firsthand how isolating and confronting it can be to make some lifestyle and diet changes, so I am here to help! I started my natural health business 15 years ago and since then I have helped my client’s transition into a more natural lifestyle, and I continue to watch them thrive.

My Qualifications

  • Certified health coach with 15 years' experience in the natural health industry
  • Master trainer
  • Keto practitioner
  • Remedial massage practitioner (3 diplomas)
  • Graduate of business SA entrepreneur program
  • Graduate of the limestone coast leadership program
  • Writer for the health column in the newspaper "the news" (located in Naracoorte, SA)
  • 4 months of intensive mindfulness coaching with a uk mindfulness expert
  • Current student of the Nutrition Academy

Are you ready?

Ready to take the hassle out of healthy?

How about taking the nonsenses out of natural living?

Would you like to wake up feeling vibrant and full of energy ready to tackle your day, with ease not overwhelm and with certainty not stress?

You are in the right place my friend!

Does this sound familiar...?

  • You wake up in the morning feeling tired, flat, and unenergetic.
  • You constantly look for sugar and caffeine to get you through the day.
  • There is a long list of health niggles popping up and you just do not know where to start.
  • You are putting on weight easier than ever.
  • You are sick to death of the negative self-talk.
  • You feel like you are working all hours but constantly feel short of time and cannot get everything done.
  • You’re growing tired of being so hard on yourself.
  • Self-esteem and motivation are nowhere to be found.
  • You have been diagnosed with an intolerance or health concern and then left to flounder and figure it out by yourself.

I get it.

I get you. I have been there. I understand your struggles. I know how to make this transition as harmonious for you and your current lifestyle as possible.

Imagine if...

  • You felt good in your own skin.
  • You had a wealth of knowledge to tap into from a health coach, personal trainer & keto practitioner.
  • Your house was not filled with unnecessary toxins that could be unknowingly affecting your health.
  • You had the skills to find peace and calm at will.
  • Looking after the skin you are in and loving yourself just felt normal.
  • From Lisa

    Kerrie has been my health coach and mentor during the past five years. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and has been happy to share her wisdom and wonderful products with me. She has hugely broadened my understanding of health and nutrition. Kerrie is deeply passionate about educating, helping, and equipping people with the knowledge they need to live their healthiest and fullest life. She shows genuine care and understanding, is a great listener, non-judgmental, and is always positive, vibrant, and encouraging. It has been a pleasure to have Kerrie walk the health journey alongside me, spurring me on during the challenging times, and celebrating all the successes


Depending on the level of support you would like programs can include the following -

  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions via zoom, phone or in person
  • Food diary feedback plus recommendations moving forward.
  • Recipes
  • Workout guides
  • Mindfulness sheets
  • Journalling prompts
  • Natural Health information & tips
  • Time management tips
  • Weekly planners to fill in