Thank You Very Matcha for the pick me up!

Thank You Very Matcha for the pick me up!

If you would like to get off the 3pm coffee habit train, let me introduce you to matcha!

What is matcha you ask? Matcha is ground green tea leaves with an antioxidant count to knock your socks off. Matcha will provide you with that energy kick like caffeine but you will not feel the same negative effects that often come along with caffeine. Matcha is great for people with anxiety as it will not trigger them like caffeine does.

Other benefits include its powerful amino acid L-theanine component which can help you to feel focused while also boosting your energy levels. When you have a matcha tea (matcha powder and warm water) you also get away from the sugar fix that comes with milk. By replacing your afternoon cappuccino with a matcha tea you are much more likely to curb that afternoon sugar hit habit, sleep better and feel focused without that jittery feeling.

Matcha is an immensely powerful antioxidant and as we know, antioxidants help the body to rid itself of toxins, chemicals, and free radicals. A daily matcha tea is just what your body needs to help take care of you.

Just when you think matcha can not get any better, it can!

Matcha also helps with feeling sluggish and increases your focus and mental clarity. So, the next time you are off to an important meeting or needing that 3pm energy boost – reach for your matcha made in heaven instead! Not only will you enjoy a nice slow release of energy you will benefit from all its other amazing properties.

A cup of coffee will provide energy for around 30 minutes where matcha will keep that energy going up to 6 hours later.

You're welcome!

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