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Switch Nutrition Hydrate Electrolyte & Rehydration Orange Crush 150g

Switch Nutrition Hydrate Electrolyte & Rehydration Orange Crush 150g

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Elevate Your Hydration, Elevate Your Life 

Did you know that a 2% reduction in hydration can result in a 20% reduction in performance.  

Discover the transformative power of hydration with Hydrate Switch, the ultimate no added sugar hydration supplement designed to invigorate your body and optimise your hydration for peak performance.  

Infused with Chlorogenic Acid from Coffee Berry Extract, Hydrate Switch delivers an innovative energy boost and cognitive function support without caffeine. This scientifically formulated blend of Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids, including a full spectrum of essential electrolytes and a 2:1 Sodium to Potassium ratio. 

If you're seeking a daily hydration boost, Hydrate Switch is tailored to meet your needs, helping you say goodbye to dehydration and hello to boundless vitality. 

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Product info

Dietary requirements: Gluten Free, Dairy Free
Values/Certifications: Vegan, Vegetarian
Size: 150g

How to use

Kickstart your day with optimal hydration by mixing 1 scoop of Hydrate Switch in your desired amount of water first thing in the morning. Perfect for prepping your body before exercise, as a revitalising post-workout recovery, or any time you're in need of a caffeine-free energy boost. Don't let the 3pm slump slow you down. Enjoy an afternoon serving of Hydrate Switch to maintain your energy, focus, and hydration throughout the day.


Electrolyte Blend (Magnesium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Citrate, Himalayan Pink Salt), Taurine, Flavours, Coffee Berry Extract (Chlorogenic Acid), Food Acid (Citric Acid), Maltodextrin (Corn), Natural Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6), Folate (Folic Acid), Cynocobalamin (Vitamin B12)