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Gevity RX

Gevity Rx Sweet Guts Chocolate Coconut 90g

Gevity Rx Sweet Guts Chocolate Coconut 90g

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Finally a chocolate that is SERIOUSLY good for you and your gut!
If you love coconut and texture then this one's for you! Creamy dairy free chocolate filled with roasted coconut that gives old school Coconut Rough vibes, but with no sugar and a host of benefits for you and your gut!
Flavour Profile - Creamy chocolate with coconut that delivers extra sweetness and texture. Old school Coconut Rough vibes all the way.
How much CAN I consume?
With no sugar and more fibre than the average serve of broccoli you don’t need anyone bringing you down with serving sizes.. Eat a row, eat a block if you feel the urge but you probably won't do that more than once. Why? Because it’s the sugar in regular chocolate that keeps you binging and addicted and Sweet Guts™ doesn’t have any of that! Sweet Guts™ will curb your sweet craving stat and you will find you won’t want to eat as much Sweet Guts™ as you do other chocolate. A win on so many levels.
How much SHOULD I consume?
This is chocolate you actually SHOULD consume daily - no sugar, no bad stuff and packed full of prebiotic fibre that you need for your gut bugs (and you) to thrive! A couple of squares, a row or three - listen to your body and go with what is right for you.. guilt free!
My kids are addicted to sugar - could I replace their regular chocolate with Sweet Guts™ ?
YES absolutely! Sweet Guts™ contains no sugar, no nasty sugar alcohols (which can wreck little - and big - people's gut), no dairy or any other nasties. Sweet Guts™ is a delicious and healthy treat you can give to your kids and feel good about it. Not only will you be actually improving their gut and avoiding insulin spikes and sugar crashes, but you will be helping them kick their sugar addiction. Over a short time, they will crave sugar and sweets less.
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Dietary requirements: Dairy Free, Keto Friendly

How to use

Open and enjoy a delicious chocolate treat!


Cacao (Min. 65%; Cacao Butter, Cacao Mass, Cacao Powder), Coconut Milk Powder, Chicory Root (Prebiotic Fibre), Inulin (Plant Based Prebiotic Fibre), Cassava Flour (Fibre), Shredded Coconut, Sea Salt, Natural Vanilla, Sunflower Lecithin, Monk Fruit.